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Do Jamaicans Dream of Dhal Puri?
Written by Djamil Ninsoo

Whether handmade by my NaniJi in her Jamaican kitchen or bought from Singh’s in South Florida as a reward for good behaviour, fresh paratha roti was an integral part of my childhood and has continued to be a mainstay into my 20’s


Now this sentiment might seem odd coming from a Jamaican. In fact over the last three years I’ve encountered the occasional Jamaican who asserts that roti is anything but Jamaican, as well as a Trinidadian who tried to say that curry chicken and the likes were cultural and culinary hallmarks of places such as Trinidad and Guyana. However, the simple truth of the matter is, roti in its various forms and the accompanying curries are an inheritance handed down since the first shipload of jahajis arrived in Old Harbour on the 10th of May in 1845. Amongst the many jahajis who crossed the Kala Pani, was a little girl who eventually grew up to be known as Alice Anderson. ...Read More

Meet 4 Couples Whose Love Stories Will Inspire You This Valentine's Day


Written by Shivani Persad

In many Indo-Caribbean families, love and relationships aren’t often discussed. There are tales of hiding relationships from parents, pretending there are no “crushes” or maybe saying you’re just working on a school project when really… it’s a date. But, that’s not to say there aren’t loving relationships all around us; look at our parents, grandparents, or even our siblings or cousins who’ve found love. When we love (or are allowed to finally show it), we love big, we love loud and those stories are worth sharing.


Here are some Indo-Caribbean couples with beautiful love stories of meet-cutes, challenges, advice and inspiration, that will affirm the quote “love is all you need”. ...Read More


Reshad Ali: An Expert DEI Professional Who's Creating Safe Spaces for Queer Indo-Caribbean Voices in a Major Way

Written by Rebecca Dass

“Growing up as a queer person, it was very hard connecting with people who looked like me or who had similar experiences as me - someone who is Indo-Caribbean, Canadian, and part of the LGBTQ2S+ community”


For Reshad Ali (He/Him), 39, advocating for LGBTQ2S+ Indo-Caribbean Canadian voices is an integral part of his work. 


Born and raised in Toronto, Reshad currently works as the Senior Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Strategic Advisor at Hudson’s Bay. Before joining Hudson’s Bay, Reshad spent ten years in the legal industry in Human Resources and DE&I. He previously completed a BComm in Human Resources Strategy & Technology, and recently graduated from a McKinsey & Company Management Accelerator certificate program. He was also recognized by Start Proud in 2019, as an Emerging Leader for his work in LGBTQ2S+ inclusion in the legal industry. 


Reshad first began his journey with the Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association (ICCA) in 2021.  Here, Reshad talked about LGBTQ2S+ Indo-Caribbean identities and experiences as part of ICCA’s very first pride program, which was picked up by Pride Toronto as a community affiliate. 


“It was always an important conversation that ICCA and Ryan [Singh] kind of wanted to have, particularly for this space,” he says. “We knew these intersectional perspectives had to be told. There was a lot of visibility for Black Caribbean folk and the broader Indian diaspora, but never any real conversations around what LGBTQ2S+ Indo-Caribbean experiences were.” ...Read More 

Telling Stories is in Our DNA: A Letter from the Editor

Written by Rebecca Dass

We come from a culture filled with storytelling. For almost as long as I can remember, my family members have been passing down stories of their lives growing up in Guyana, and their nostalgic early memories of settling down in Canada. It creates an emotional connection, where I almost feel like I’m there myself reliving those moments. 


We created this online publication to establish a space for Indo-Caribbeans to share their stories. There are so many lively and intriguing stories worth telling that get lost within time. By preserving these stories, we hope to amplify voices that are unheard, misrepresented, and reach an audience that resonates with them. ...Read More

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