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Meet the team of talented individuals from Canada’s Indo-Caribbean community

Management Board

  • Sabrina Itwarie, Secretary 

  • Ayesha Khan, Director

  • Alim Lila, Co-Vice-Chair

  • Shivani Persaud, Director 

  • Ralisa Saywack, Director 

  • Hanso Sheopaul, CFO

  • Ricky Sookram, Co-Vice-Chair  

  • Ryan Singh, Chair 

Vertical Chairs

  • Alim Lila, Chair, VOICE

  • Hanso Sheopaul, Chair Fundraising Committee, and Co-Chair, Star Bhai Youth Mentorship 

  • Ricky Sookram, Co-Chair, Star Bhai Youth Mentorship 

Project Leads

  • Germain Kasee, IT Management Lead

  • Nathaniel Ambedkar, Newsletter Coordinator 

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