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Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association In the News...

Coverage featuring the Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association. We're a proud community organization that is continually engaging on important issues, social justice causes, and amplifying our culture. 

CTV News - September 27 2022

Municipal Vote Controversy (Video)

The Canadian Press (CBC, The Toronto Star) - September 27 2022

Ontarians celebrating Diwali raise concerns over election date clashing with festival



The Canadian based community-led organization raised over 2000 books that were recently shipped to Guyana and Trinidad. The program was developed to provide children and youth in those countries with new or gently used reading materials.
“Many communities in the Caribbean are underserved and we came together to do our part to ensure that more young people back home have access to proper and updated reading material, “said Ryan Ramdin, the lead coordinator for the Books for Back Home drive.



"What issues are top of mind for new Canadian citizens voting in the election on June 2? Health care, education, and fairness and equality, says Ryan Singh, chair of the Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association. “If you think about why people come to Canada, or Ontario, in particular, they come here because they heard about the health-care system. They heard about the education system. So they’re coming here because they know how good government services are to support them when they need it.” 

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