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An organization made for Indo-Caribbeans in Canada by Indo-Caribbean Canadians.

The Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association ("ICCA") was established in late April 2020 and launched on May 1st 2020 to align with South Asian Heritage Month in Ontario and Asian Heritage Month in Canada.


The organization was launched on the principles of: 

  • Discover, educate, and amplify Indo-Caribbean culture and heritage 

  • Identify and connect within the Indo-Caribbean Canadian community 

  • Showcase and amplify Indo-Caribbean Canadian talent, professionals, and community success 

  • Seek opportunities to engage and work with aligned organizations at enhancing the service ecosystem for the community 

Since May 1st, 2021, ICCA has built a reputable online presence that continues to grow, as well as collaborating with a number of organizations, and hosted a series of events. In a short period of time, we have continued to provide educational-based posts on social media about our culture, heritage, and representation of the community in Canada.


As an organization, ICCA has hosted a number of webinars, including on LGBTQ rights, vaccine awareness, social services, mental health awareness, and diabetes care. With that, we have an ongoing IG live series - "Fiyahside Chat," again featuring a number of topics. Please visit our Instagram page: @indocaribcdn, to view previous episodes. 

As we traversed the pandemic, ICCA will continue to seek ways to bring our community together to encourage more charitable support and work.


For a recent winter clothing drive, we have teamed up with five (5) other organizations to form ICON - Indo-Caribbean Organizations Network. With increased capacity, we're working with the community to produce more work and services responding to the needs within the community. This group will continue to work on projects together and also aim to do more community-giving-oriented initiatives. 

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