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Mission Statement


The Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association was established to amplify, connect and serve the Indo-Caribbean community in Canada. We strive to:​


  • Research and share the rich history, culture and heritage of Indo-Caribbean people through social media and other innovative methods in an effort to connect with all generations of people;

  • Build bridges within Canada’s Indo-Caribbean community, providing a platform for Indo-Caribbean community leaders and professionals, whilst establishing open venues for discussions and presentations on important cultural and social subjects;

  • Provide community engagement and service programs that are aimed to enrich and uplift Indo-Caribbean Canadians;

  • Develop and foster space for young Indo-Caribbean Canadians to give back to the community and lead on important strategic initiatives that enrich the community in Canada and abroad; and

  • Build and offer strategic programming meant to give back to the community, providing community development and community giving initiatives, whilst leveraging the support by engaging the Indo-Caribbean Canadian business community.

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