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Telling Stories is in our DNA: A Letter from the Editor

Written by Rebecca Dass

Sunday February 5, 2023

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We come from a culture filled with storytelling. For almost as long as I can remember, my family members have been passing down stories of their lives growing up in Guyana, and their nostalgic early memories of settling down in Canada. It creates an emotional connection, where I almost feel like I’m there myself reliving those moments. 


We created this online publication to establish a space for Indo-Caribbeans to share their stories. There are so many lively and intriguing stories worth telling that get lost within time. By preserving these stories, we hope to amplify voices that are unheard, misrepresented, and reach an audience that resonates with them.


This February, we’re highlighting themes of love and family. In this issue, Djamil Ninsoo retells stories of his Great-Grandmother, Alice, in Do Jamaicans Dream of Dhal Puri? It is a heartwarming family-oriented story that illustrates his family’s passed down love for roti. Our piece from Shivani Persad showcases and tells the love stories of four unique Indo-Caribbean couples. Their stories and advice are inspiring and touching to read. And don’t miss our spotlight volunteer of this month, Reshad Ali, who shares his story of being Indo-Caribbean, Canadian, and a part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. He tells us all about how he’s creating a safe space for the greater queer Indo-Caribbean community through his work with ICCA. 


Launching this online publication just last month, it’s been a pleasure to see our team initiatives and number of subscribers grow tremendously. I’d like to thank the team, Felicia and Ryan, for their dedication and hard work. This issue wouldn’t be possible without them!  I’d also like to thank our contributors this month: Shivani and Djamil for their brilliant writing in this issue. 


I’m so excited for the future of Story, and for everyone to see what we have planned ahead. We couldn’t be here without our community and our readers. 


All the best for a warm and cozy month ahead,

— Rebecca


About the Author

Rebecca is an aspiring digital marketer, writer and photographer based in Toronto. With a BA in Sociology and a minor in Caribbean Studies, she joined the Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association to continue her interest in researching and writing content about Indo-Caribbean history and culture.

Fore more information visit:

Story is an Indo-Caribbean newsletter designed to bring Canadian Caribbean culture to the forefront. Explore Indo-Caribbean news, identity, and culture online.

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