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Moments of Masquerade

Written by Tricia Gopi

Sunday August 6, 2023

Images courtesy of Sunny Zendeli @sunnygzen

For the 56th year in a row, a sea of masqueraders filled the lakeshore stretching into the horizon to celebrate the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, more commonly called Caribana.


Despite repeat visits to the Grand Parade, stepping onto the road surrounded by the sounds and sights of revelry is not quite like anything else.


Whether you're a spectator who has joined from the sidelines, a designer who has invested hours into perfecting each costume, or a masquerader who participates in the parade, the moment you get on the road, there is an immediate sense of unity and an overwhelming connection that takes over. Because Caribana, and Carnival across the Caribbean in general, is about more than parades, music, and beautiful apparel. It's about identity, history, and outlook.


Every year, Carnival celebrates culture and community that stretches across race, religion, and language. In a world divided, Caribana serves as a reminder of how far we've come.


A road that started from the abolition of slavery, nearly 200 years later, carnival is still a beautiful story of liberation and hope.

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About the Author

Tricia is a marketing maven, writer, and self-proclaimed trivia queen who spends her days with a coffee in hand building brands and her nights binge-watching jeopardy. When it’s time to relax, Tricia is keen on being in the sunshine, whether that’s having a drink on her backyard patio with a movie in queue or on an island by the beach.

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