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Inclusion and Safe Space

Inclusion and Safe Space Policy

of the

Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association

Adopted: June 2021
Approver: Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association Operations Committee Members  


At the Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association ("ICCA"), diversity, equity, and inclusion are an essential part of our identity and ingrained as part of our strategy and community outreach to influence positive social change. These values are not only important to our success but are values each of our team members share as part of their individual lived experiences.

All our Operations Committee members, volunteers and guests have the right to feel respected and safe, while contributing and participating in programs and initiatives facilitated by the ICCA.

As part of this commitment, ICCA has in place the following guidelines that are intended to foster an inclusive space for everyone, including:

  • Establishing a welcome, open space for individuals of all backgrounds and diverse lived experiences – inclusive of abilities, age, ancestry, citizenship, colour, ethnic origin, family status, gender assigned at birth, gender expression, gender identity, Indigenous ancestry, marital status, nationality, place of origin, religion, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs and any other characteristics protected by applicable human rights legislation;  


  • Becoming aware of personal bias, prejudices, and insecurities and how individual or collective actions can impact and/or affect others;


  • Nurturing a safe environment for anyone to express themselves freely and/or explore their own identity;


  • Fostering a culture where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and inform strategies, programs and outreach initiatives;


  • Ongoing respect of the privacy of others, including upholding confidentiality on personal information; and


  • Zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination in any form, including homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, misogyny, sexism, xenophobia, and racism.

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