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Action Committees

Voter Engagement and Civic Education Committee

Government impacts our lives each and every day almost all the time. It is important for the Indo-Caribbean community to become engaged with the political process, and emerge as an influential community in Canadian politics and policy development.


This committee will work to: 

  1. Establish and operate VOICE (Voter Organization for Indo-Caribbean Engagement);

  2. Conduct civic and government education initiatives focused on the Indo-Caribbean Canadian community, including on how government operates and how individuals and families can access government services;

  3. Launch public policy surveys and analyses to understand the interests and needs of the community;

  4. Operate non-partisan voter registration campaigns to encourage persons of Indo-Caribbean descent to exercise their right to vote; and 

  5. Lobby all three levels of government on issues and public policy that are important to Indo-Caribbean peoples. 

Co-Chairs: Shivani Persad and Ryan Singh


Fiyahside Chat IG Live with Dr. Sara Singh, MPP for Brampton Centre, Deputy Leader of the Ontario NDP, and first woman of Indo-Caribbean descent elected to the Ontario Legislature. 


Community Giving Committee 

Giving back to the community will support the further development and success of the Indo-Caribbean community. Mobilizing the Canadian Indo-Caribbean community to support people in need in Canada and across the Caribbean is vital to this mission.


This committee will work to: 

  1. Seek and operate new chairty-based initiatives in support of people in need; and 

  2. Engagement with community stakeholders to support third party initiatives that are focused on community giving and charity work. 

Co-Chairs: Ryan Ramdin and Cindy Ugrah

Community Development Committee

Uplifting all segments of the Indo-Caribbean will ensure that no one is left behind. This begins by recognizing that the Indo-Caribbean Canadian community is misrepresented and deeply underserved as a result of that.


This committee will: 

  1. Lead community-driven programming aimed to uplift segments of the Indo-Caribbean Canadian population; and 

  2. Provide unique community-based services that are specifically tailored to ensure that Indo-Caribbean people living in Canada have access to more opportunities and success. 

Co-Chairs: TBA 

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