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Meet the students and young professionals that create and lead at the Indo-Caribbean Canadian Association. 

Management Board

  • Felicia Gopi, Director 

  • Sabrina Itwarie, Secretary 

  • Ayesha Khan, Vice-Chair

  • Shivani Persaud, Director 

  • Shawn Rahman, Director 

  • Ralisa Saywack, Director 

  • Vishal Sharma, Treasurer 

  • Ricky Sookram, Vice-Chair  

  • Ryan Singh, Chair 

Vertical Chairs

  • Reshad Ali, Co-Chair, EPIC

  • Shivani Persaud, Co-Chair, VOICE

  • Priya Ramdehall, Chair, Research Committee

  • Pauline Rampersaud, Co-Chair, EPIC 

  • Ricky Sookram, Chair, Star Bhai Youth Mentorship

  • Ryan Singh, Co-Chair, VOICE 

Project Leads

  • Rebecca Dass, Newsletter Editor

  • Felicia Gopi,Newsletter Editor-in-Chief

  • Ralisa Saywack, Social Coordinator

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